Review total installed capacity in addition to unlicensed and hybrid solar capacity. Find out about capacities allocated by YEKA auctions through maps.
Unlicensed electricity generation: Unlicensed generation refers to generation aimed at meeting self-consumption needs rather than selling electricity to the grid. Despite the absence of licensing requirements, applicants still have to go through a bureaucratic process involving multiple institutions to get an unlicensed project approved. A large part of solar energy in Türkiye originates from unlicensed power plants.
Hybrid power plants: Hybrid plants generate electricity from a primary and secondary source connected to the grid at the same location. Solar is the secondary source for all operational and planned hybrid power plants in Türkiye.
Turkey's policy instrument to incentivize the installation of utility-scale wind and solar power plants is the Renewable Energy Resource Areas (YEKA) scheme. The Ministry of Energy identifies areas where renewable energy plants of certain capacities can be built. These capacities are then awarded through tenders with time or production-based electricity purchase guarantees and domestically manufactured equipment obligations.
Capacity factors
Track monthly capacity factors for solar, wind, run-of-river and dammed hydropower. Seasonal trends for hydro also track droughts.
Capacity factors represent the ratio of electricity generation over a given period of time to the electricity generation that would have occurred if the full capacity had been utilized. Since run-of-river hydroelectricity generation is directly affected by droughts, the capacity factor of this resource shows when droughts occur.
Electricity mix
Share of solar, wind, hydro, gas and coal in monthly electricity generation.
Track how the share of solar, wind, hydro, gas and coal in generation change throughout the year in Türkiye.
Price and cost comparisons
Compare electricity prices in the EU and Türkiye and follow the marginal costs of electricity generation from imported sources.
Compare the day-ahead spot electricity prices of EU countries and Türkiye, and see the monthly generation costs of imported coal and natural gas. The relationship between the cost of imported resources and the wholesale electricity price reveals the role of these resources in determining the price.
Energy dependence
Fossil fuel import data, and the share of domestic resources in electricity generation.
Coal and natural gas import data, and the share of domestic resources in electricity generation are presented as indicators of energy import dependency. See the change in electricity generation from domestic and imported sources over the years and the countries where fuels are imported from.
Wind and solar
The shares of wind and solar in Türkiye's generation mix are shown in comparison with Europe and the world. Maps are updated annually.
Explore how Türkiye compares to other countries in terms of the share of wind and solar in the generation mix.
Subnational data
Maps of renewable energy production and solar potential at the provincial level.
Browse the most up-to-date solar energy potential map of Türkiye and compare it with the solar electricity generation map. You can examine the geographical distribution of electricity generation from hydroelectricity and wind. Maps are updated annually.